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We’re eXcited to announce that these most requested New features are Live now on the web version of Giftster. Check them out below. This version also includes dozens of other optimizations and fiXes to make your Giftster eXperience the best yet.


Birthdays well done

View birthdays on Giftster

Wondering who has an upcoming birthday in your group? Sort group members by birthdays right on Buy. You can also view birthdays (including the day of the week) in Groups, also.

Get everyone’s birthday

Missing a birthday? Just one tap to send a birthday reminder via email and encourage your group member to add their birthday in their profile settings.

Birthday notifications your way

Take control of your email notifications. You decide which birthday reminder emails go to your inboX or are sent on your behalf. Visit the Notification Center > Settings to see all available options.

Sort by price


Stick to a budget when you shop with the New pricing type, available on any wish list.

Recruit new group members by text message


Now recruit new members via text message or a shared link, no emails required. On your phone, visit Groups at Select a group you’ve created and tap the button invite more members. Selecttext to share a text message with your group’s join request link.

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Happy gifting!

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