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Don’t you love the nostalgia of a childhood scent? Does it bring you back to “that” moment? If “that” moment includes a striped pole, plate glass window, Newspaper strewn leather cHairs, the quiet snip of a scissors, and combs suspended in a jar of translucent liquid, then you might get really geeked about our Newest sample pack. How about a variety of Barbershop scents? Each of these Soap makers has tried to recreate that iconic aroma of leaving the local shop with “a shave & a Haircut”, and sometimes they’ve added a twist. Check them out for yourself. Each soap will come in a sample-size, plastic, screw-top container (not the original packaging).

  • Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Barbershop – This Classic aroma is Classic Barbershop. Powdery, masculine, Classic. Their tallow-based soaps are loaded with glycerin and lanolin – a perfect storm of lathering goodness from the earliest days of soap making. Then a healthy dose of almond oil, coconut oil, and shea butter offer nourishing and moisturizing.
  • Barrister & Mann Tallow Shaving Soap, Seville – This scent is so popular that it is hard to keep it on the shelf. When you need a “go-to” fragrance, this is it. Taking a book from Classic barbershop aroma, B&M combines bergamot, lemon, patchouli, oakmoss, lavender and rosemary into a fresh, clean aroma. With some eXtra water, this “thirsty” grooming requisite whips up a slick, rich, dense, protective lather to rival any on the market today. With tallow, glycerin, coconut milk, shea butter, lanolin, and more, you get the ingredients you need for a moisturizing shave.
  • Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber – While you are wrangling a great shave, you will find yourself immersed in the great, lingering scent. Reminiscent of old-time barbershops, Chiseled Face has upped the ante. Imagine a cowboy strolling through the striped poles after a week on the trail. Combine the bergamot, basil leaf, patchouli, oakmoss, and cedar of a Classic soap with the saddle leather, smoke, and gunpowder of a cowboy’s stock in trade and you’ve got Ghost Town Barber – masculine, earthy, and hardworking. Loaded with aloe vera, coconut oil, castor oil, glycerin, mango butter, and avocado oil, it sCreams moisturizing, gliding, and protecting.
  • Dr. Jon’s Natural Vegan Shaving Soap, Classic – It is scented with a classic aroma sure to remind you why you started Shaving in the first place. The traditional barbershop aromas of bergamot, lavender, and lime are joined with rosemary, cedar, and vetiver to give you a nostaglic feeling. Bright citrus coupled with herbs, Woods, and flowers create a crisp, fresh fragrance. As a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild, Dr. Jon is working hard to keep their soaps as natural as possible. These vegan soaps actually produce a thick, Creamy lather often associated with tallow-based offerings.
  • Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Honor – This classic scent from Soap Commander honors the long and storied past of “barbershops”. Over a year in the making, this aroma hits all the buttons for a traditional barbershop scent. Notes of bergamot, orange, basil leaf, oakmoss, & patchouli provide an iconic fragrance while hints of spice, honey, and tobacco round out this soon-to-be favorite. This vegan-based offering is soothing, rich, and Creamy to give you the glide and protection you need. Loaded with shea butter, coconut oil, and glycerin, it is moisturizing and soothing as well.
  • West Coast Shaving #1 Gatsby Shaving Soap – If you love wet shaving for all its traditional, nostalgic beauty, then we think you will love our take on a barbershop aroma with some compleX Cologne notes. #1 Gatsby is an elegant, masculine scent that might remind you of dressing to the nines, speakeasies, and the clink of ice on crystal. This 1920s inspired scent is from the days when men were dapper, clean-shaven, and well-groomed, Join the club! This handmade, vegan soap is hot processed and produced in small batches. Loaded with moisturizing and nourishing goodness like shea butter and avocado oil, it will whip up a thick, rich lather.

Size: 1/2 Tbsp/each (enough for approximately 4 shaves)

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