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Here it is! The sample pack you’ve been waiting for. We’ve complied all of West Coast Shaving‘s bestselling Creams into one phenomenal package. Try the Classic, old favorites that have been protecting men’s faces for years. Or some Newer offerings that have buzz on wet Shaving forums.

  • Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream – This rich, silky glycerin-based Cream contains shea butter which nourishes and lubricates your skin for maXimum comfort, preventing irritation. It also contains natural eucalyptus and spearmint eXtracts for a cool and refreshing feeling.
  • Cella Shave Soap Cream – Made in the Classic, Italian-style, this is a soft Soap that eXplodes with lather. Load your brush and then face, palm, or mug lather to get a prodigious amount of white, foamy lubrication. This is an almond-scented, tallow-based soap that will leave you with a face as smooth as a bambino’s bottom!
  • Speick Shaving Cream – A Classic among Shaving Products, Speick is specially manufactured to result in a superior shave. It contains genuine beeswaX and glycerin derived from plants – totally pure, no preservatives. Each product is crafted with the rare Alpine valerian plant which is highly aromatic and healing.
  • Bigelow Shaving Cream – Third-generation Bigelow Proprietor and Pharmacist, Ian Ginsberg, set out to find the best shaving cream in the 1990s. His search led him to Italy. This cream has a very softening lather that gets your whiskers ready for the blade.
  • Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream, SandalWood – This luXurious lather is sure to whip up the protection and lubrication you are looking for in your wet shave. It creates a uniquely smooth and creamy froth for your grooming pleasure. This TOBS fragrance starts with top notes of geranium, lavender, rosemary, and amber. The heart of carnation, fern, and orange blossom are laid on a base of patchouli, sandalWood, vetiver, and musk. A must-have for every shaving den.
  • Cyril R Salter Wild Rose Shaving Cream– This shave cream whips up an exceptional lather in no time at all. With a traditional scent of Rose, Cyril R Salter added Geranium Oil to increase the intensity of the fragrance.

Find your favorite with this amazing sample pack of creams. You can’t go wrong with these bestsellers.

Size: 1/2 tbsp of each cream (enough for approximately 4 shaves)

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