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This is a pewter Shaving bowl from Col. Conk, a great manufacturer. This actually has a lid with it, which is a nice feature, particularly for guys who are pretty fastidious about how their bathroom looks. This product will work with just about any Shaving Soap out there, being 3.25 inches diameter inside. These also work brilliantly with Cream, and if you have a good brush, there’s really no limit to the amount of lather you can get. The great thing is that this is very easy to clean up and, with just a little bit of wiping down, it restores to its beautiful finish.These should be central parts of anybody’s grooming set up. If you’re buying good quality Soap and cream and you’re not using a proper mug, you’re not getting what you should out of the products that you’re purchasing. With this, even though it seems like a simple thing, you really get a lot more lather and a lot more comfortable eXperience cutting off your whiskers. The color of this product means that it would go well with any steel accessories you might have, but the Classic design also gives it a sort of old school appeal.Size: 3.25 in. diameter, 1.62 in. height, total height with lid 2.73 in.

Size: 3.25 in. diameter, 1.62 in. height, total height with lid 2.73 in.

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