Edwin Jagger DE89BA11 Double Edge Safety Razor, Barley Chrome


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Features & Compatibility

  • DE safety razor from Edwin Jagger
  • Chrome-plated, with Barley pattern
  • Well-balanced

Edwin Jagger produces some of the finest Shaving equipment to be found today. Which probably eXplains why they are frequently on the bestseller lists of blogs, forums, and vending sites. Here at WCS we are happy to carry many of their exceptional products, including Edwin Jagger DE89BA11 Double Edge Safety Razor, Barley Chrome.

This exclusively designed and manufactured safety razor gives the wet shavers the traditional shave they are looking for. The Closed Comb head is engineered and weighted so that the head does the work of Shaving for you. In this case, less it more — pressure that is. Let the shaver do its job. As long as you have a fresh DE blade in the utensil, you will be loving the BBS shaves you get. Check out our Sample Packs to find the blade that is right for you. The head is chrome-plated, with the high quality finish that you can expect from EJ.

The lightweight brass handle is also finished with chrome-plating. It is precision engraved with a Barley pattern and the Edwin Jagger name imprinted around the collar. These touches are subtle and tasteful – just like you. Razor ships with one Feather blade.

Length: 3.7 inches

Weight: 73 grams

Made in England

Additional information

Weight 100.00 kg

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