Feather AC ProGuard Blade 15-Pack


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The “Pro Guard” Blades are designed specifically for comfort and safety. By wrapping the blade in a protective wire cage a comfort margin is maintained between the blade edge and the skin. The wire guard also virtually eliminates nicks and cuts. For the quality of a straight razor shave and the safety and convenience of a safety razor the Pro Guard blade should be your choice.

Blade Thickness: 0.150mm Total thickness w/guard:0.350mm Blade EXposure: 1.2mm

Blades are packed in their own injector-style dispenser for fast, easy, and safe blade installation and convenient storage. Feather “Pro-Guard” Blades will fit any of the “Artist Club” series Razors.

The Feather AC Blades fit ONLY the Feather AC straight-style Razors.

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Weight 100.00 kg

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