Geo F Trumper GFT Shaving Cream Tube


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Features & Compatibility

  • Travel friendly, compact, and light
  • Close even shave with just a dab of Cream
  • Keeps skin healthy, hydrates, and reduces irritation
  • Signature GFT Cologne scent, light musk

Shave with ease anytime and anywhere. The Geo F Trumper GFT Shaving Cream Tube is packed in a luXurious metal compact packaging which is ideal for any man on the go. It creates an eXquisitely smooth and sleek fluff that lets your razor easily glide through which gives you a clean, close shave even when used in small amounts. It is glycerin based which means it promotes your skin’s health. Glycerin helps keep the skin hydrated and thus reduces dryness. It keeps your face smooth, making you look young and radiant. Finally, it aids the skin in repairing cuts and reducing irritation.

In addition to it being portable and beneficial, it is also infused with the signature scent of the GFT Cologne. This product radiates an unmistakable, titillating scent of citrus and Wood with a hint of light musk. Unlike other Creams, you don’t have to use Cologne in order to smell good because the aroma lingers even as you wash the lather away. Get the Geo F Trumper GFT Shaving Cream Tube to have a clean, close shave and bask in the undeniably irresistible fragrance anywhere you go.

Size: 75g

Made in England

Additional information

Weight 100.00 kg

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