Ogallala Bay Rum Bath Soap


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How much do you like Bay Rum? We’re betting you’re like most men who appreciate this Classic fragrance and go back to it time after time. Now you don’t have to just stick with Cologne or Aftershave ‘ you can clean up with this terrific bath bar! Ogallala Bay Rum Bath Soap will give you a Creamy, rich lather every time, and it smells so good you may never want to get out of the tub or shower. It’s formulated for use on your Hair as well, so suds up and breathe in ‘ um, not the lather, just the scent, okay?

Finish off with an application of Bay Rum Stick Deodorant, and you’re all clean, smelling amazing (and consistent!), and ready to get going.

Did your Dad love this traditional scent as much as you do? Why not share a bar or two with him? It’s a great way to bond!

Size: 4.5 oz

Made in the USA.

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Weight 100.00 kg

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