Ogallala Bay Rum, Sage & Cedar Shaving Soap


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Who would have thought to combine Bay Rum with sage and cedar? Ogallala, that’s who! You might think of it as the ‘surf and turf’ of grooming products, with fragrance notes firmly on the seven seas as well as on dry land. You really have to try this to see what we mean. It works the same as any other Shaving Soap from Ogallala, just lather it up with some water, brush it onto your face, and shave away ‘ it’s the smell that makes it different! It’s the fresh outdoors right in your bathroom, dude!

When you’re done, splash on Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum, Sage & Cedar Aftershave to keep the theme going all day long. You’re gonna smell awesome!

In the spirit of fairness, we should probably warn you that it doesn’t matter who you’re rooming with ‘ whether it’s the guys or your special lady, this Soap is going to be borrowed. You might want to keep an eXtra or two on hand just so you don’t run out.

Size: 4.5 oz.

Made in the USA.

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Weight 100.00 kg

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