Parker CHST Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush, Chrome Handle


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The silver bullet! We doubt if you can kill werewolves with it, but we know you (or the werewolf) will get a luXurious shave with this fine Silvertip Badger brush. This brush is also one of the heaviest ones we have ever handled. The unique chrome handle has a very solid, weighty feel to it and is quite cool to the touch. Furthermore, the brush comes with a clear plastic brush stand in the box at no extra charge. Use the stand to employ proper drying maintenance for your brush and to prolong its life. The distinctly soft and dense bristles lofted together create a luxurious lather that you are sure to enjoy.

Height: 95 mmLoft: 55mmBase: 47 mmKnot: 20 mm

(Dimensions are approximations).

Weight: 0.5 lbs.

Made in India

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Fits the following stands:

OP-WCS-301 $14.99 West Coast Shaving 301 Razor and Brush Stand, Chrome
OP-WCS-303 $13.49 West Coast Shaving 303 Brush Stand, Chrome
OP-WCS-304 $14.99 West Coast Shaving 304 Razor and Brush Stand, Chrome
OP-WCS-305 $14.99 West Coast Shaving 305 Razor and Brush Stand, Black
OP-WCS-306 $19.99 West Coast Shaving 306 Razor and Brush Stand, RoseWood
OP-WCS-307 $24.99 West Coast Shaving Stand 307, Faux Ivory
OP-WCS-308 $24.99 West Coast Shaving Stand 308, Faux Horn
OP-WCS-309 $19.99 West Coast Shaving Stand 309, Lined Chrome
OP-WCS-310 $19.99 West Coast Shaving Stand 310, BeechWood
OP-WCS-311 $19.99 West Coast Shaving Stand 311, Black
OP-WCS-312 $14.99 West Coast Shaving Stand 312, Chrome
OP-WCS-313 $14.99 West Coast Shaving Stand 313, 30mm, Black
OP-WCS-314 $19.99 West Coast Shaving Stand 314, 30mm, RoseWood
OP-WCS-315 $14.99 West Coast Shaving Stand 315, 30mm, Chrome
OP-Ome-206 $17.00 Omega 27mm Gold Shaving Brush and Razor Stand

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Weight 100.00 kg

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