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Semogue is a small family run business in Portugal with a big name in the wet Shaving world. The master craftsmen who create their brushes manufacture “the finest Shaving Brushes in production today”. You can enjoy their eXceptional products in a long line of options – from badger to Boar, from Wood handled to acrylic. They seek to scratch your itch in the wet Shaving world. Try their bestselling Semogue 830 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush.

This brush is beloved for its pure Boar bristles. If you love a stiff, eXfoliating brush then this will be just up your alley. But it is worth noting that the tips will soften up over time, and even get quite soft. Like a nice worn in pair of blue jeans, this brush will age well. Boar is fantastic on Shaving Soap and works up a fantastic lather.

The Semogue 830 is a Classic Two-toned acrylic handle that Sets off the bristles to perfection. Striking red and clear will add a little spice to your shave – especially if you find your Shaving den a monochromatic ivory or chrome. Grab this premium, top of the range brush from Semogue. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Handle: Two-tone acrylic
  • Total Height: 100mm
  • Loft: 55mm
  • Knot Diameter: 23mm
  • Hair: Boar Bristle

Made in Portugal

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Fits the following stands:

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OP-WCS-250 $19.99 West Coast Shaving Stand 250
OP-CON-159 $32.00 Col. Conk Chrome & Wood Stand

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Weight 100.00 kg

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