Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Soap Stick, Sandalwood


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Features & Compatibility

  • Convienent Shaving Soap stick
  • Scented with masculine sandalWood
  • Made in England

SandalWood is a sophisticated scent for distinguished men. If you’re not distinguished, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. You will find, however, that this Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Soap Stick, SandalWood is clearly made for gentlemen. From the rich lather to the great aroma, there’s really nothing wanting here in the way of elegance, and you’ll make an impression when people see how clean shaven you are even if you’re only Shaving around a mustache or a small beard. The results are still noticeable, particularly in the fact that this isn’t cheap Soap that will make you break out from not providing enough lubrication.

This product comes in a convenient stick form (great for Travel). It will certainly work well in your own bathroom but, when you take it on the road, you’ll really see the advantage. It means that you can get a great, close shave without having to resort to cheap products that are basically wastes of money. This company has an eXcellent reputation, and this is 2.5 oz. of good reason for that. Do yourself (and your face) a favor and use real grooming supplies. You’ll never regret it!

Size: 2.5 oz. / 75 g

Made in England.

Additional information

Weight 100.00 kg

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