Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome


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Features & Compatibility

  • Heavy-weight razor
  • Sleek chrome is functional and beautiful
  • Takes Trac II or Personna Twin Pivot Plus Blades

Looking for a close shave? Then take a look at this razor. With a beautiful aesthetic and function, you are sure to be pleased with Super Safety Razor Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome. It might be the last razor you ever buy. One reviewer said, “The only reason I may need to buy another razor is if someone steals this one from me (and I’m going to buy this one again).”

So what makes it so great?

  • this heavier weight razor lets the tool do the work and ensures an eXtremely close, smooth shave
  • solid, hefty razor sure to last
  • fully compatible with Gillette’s Trac 2 or Personna’s Twin Pivot Plus Blades
  • chrome for a sleek, streamlined look and corrosion resistance

This smooth, all-metal handle is simple and functional. The head accepts the Trac 2 or Twin Pivot Plus Blades. These cutting edges come in a cartridge that slides into the head for a secure fit. With a gentle touch (letting the weight of the razor work for you) you can get the BBS that you are looking for at less than the price of those 3,4, or 5 blade cartridges.

Try it out: Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome.


Full length: 5.02 in / 127.5 mmHandle length: 3.69 in / 93.9 mmBase Diameter: 0.60 in / 15.4 mmNeck Diameter: 0.45 in / 11.6 mmWeight: 3oz.

Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 100.00 kg

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