WCS Black Straight Razor Set


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This elegant razor is perfect for the novice just getting his feet as well as the eXpert looking for a great addition to his den. The blade is 5/8″ which is great for general beard growth removal and clear of markings which contributes to the clean lines. The full hollow grind and carbon steel is often preferred for its audible feedback. You can hear the blade “sing” as you are getting a BBS shave. However, care must be taken in maintaining this utensil as the carbon steel can rust. Rinse with clear water after use and keep it dry. (Some would even encourage a swipe with the towel between passes.) Always store in a well-ventilated area. And as long as you are embracing the straight blade, you might as well grab a good strop and learn the art of sharpening your Newly acquired steel!

West Coast Shaving:

  • Size: 5/8″Material: Carbon steel
  • Grind: Full HollowScales: Black plastic
  • Markings: None on the blade, West Coast Shaving/Handmade Solingen Germany on tang


  • Classic straight razor
  • ⅝” blade
  • Black scales

Additional information

Weight 100.00 kg
Straight Razor Type

WCS Black Straight, Dovo "Classic" Straight Razor

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