WCS DE Razor Head, Closed Comb, Chrome


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Features & Compatibility

  • Traditional Closed Comb head for a standard DE razor
  • Zinc alloy construction with chrome-plating
  • Fits any of West Coast Shaving handles

Do you love customization? Do you love having lots of choices? Well, we’re all about options here at West Coast Shaving. So, if you are looking to build the perfect shave, we’ve got the bits and pieces to make it just right. Check out this standard chrome-plated DE razor head: West Coast Shaving DE Razor Head, Closed Comb, Chrome.

With this option, you have so many shaving opportunities before you. Slip your favorite razor blade between the plates and then screw it into your favorite handle. This head will fit most standard DE razor handles so you can choose the handle to reflect your mood, the season, or the day of the week. And we have plenty of handle options, too.

It is constructed of zinc-alloy and then chrome-plated for shine, corrosion-resistance, and longevity. The comb is closed to protect your sensitive skin and allow the razor to glide along your jaw. Closed Combs are eXtremely popular with New wet shaver and those with easily irritated skin. Open Comb is great for those with thicker, coarser facial Hair as more blade is eXposed. And we offer an Open Comb head as well.

Made in Pakistan

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Weight 100.00 kg

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